So let me talk a little about you.

There was a time I was afraid I wouldn't get to "meet" you.

You are an incredible girl. You are (notactually)literally fresh air. Devoid of many American cultural assumptions and assertions embedded into a majority of people growing up with us, your personality emanates the perfect essence of a blank slate. 

You value living over the things that distract most of us from living. You're curious and adventurous, and your duality of being both an old soul and an awe-seeking child is something that I not only admire, but can only aspire to approach. You give first and take second (or never). You know what's important to you and what makes you you.

You're kind, accepting, and tolerant. You're smart, driven, and humble. You're sometimes a total hot mess (see left), but you're fun and you're adorable. Your commitment to introspection and self-exploration to further know yourself is nothing short of inspiring.

All we are is all we are. You do you, always. 

You've changed me

In so many ways that maybe you haven't even noticed. You changed me, my personality, my interests, and my entire outlook on life. You have only been a positive influence for me, and a great one at that. You helped me stop defining my worth and identity with my work, my money, my apartment, my car, my social standing, and much, much more. You've helped me see that I am who I am. I am what I say I am, and how I treat people, and how I think about myself.

Sure, there are some side effects. Now I want to get rid of my BMW and quit my job ( 😛 ), but I trust myself to find a balance soon enough.

Most importantly, and it's become incredibly obvious to me, you were the person that I was supposed to meet at this point in my life. Never before have I been so sure of anything. Ever.

Now we somehow find ourselves here

Obviously, we have no idea what that means and we’ve mutually decided (or backed into a decision) to just calm the fuck down and go with it.

You get me more than anyone else has before. And that's tremendously comforting.