Concept: Apple TV, now with iOS 9

Just a quick concept before the debut.

Here's where it starts: Home. Home shows the date, time, and configurable background.


 Glances. Swipe up on the new touchpad remote for glances, inspired by watchOS. Swipe left and right through multiple glances. Press to enter the full app.

Swipe the glances down and you're back home.

Apps. Press the touchpad to enter the apps screen. We're presented with an screen of apps very similar to iOS. You'll notice (as rumored) an App Store, games, and plenty of third-party apps, all organized on multiple screens.

The iPad now has picture-in-picture, and it's easily possible the TV will as well.

Siri, Proactive, and Universal Search. Press the new search button and you're presented with Siri. Before you search, Siri shows you 'Proactive', the new iOS 9 feature that suggests relevant next steps.

Finding what you want in any app is a breeze thanks to Siri and universal search.

Of course, live TV.

Bundled channels with PIP for what's on now.

Update: Check out Martin Hajek's new hardware concept that features this design.


The click-through: